I’m Arthur Bacon. On this website I post coding tutorials, documentation for open source code that I write, and game design analysis. This website is the result of my hobby work, so take what you find with a grain of salt. Hopefully, it will help inspire and teach you how to make that cool game or app you’ve always thought about.

For those looking for Arthur Bacon the coder...

Game design is what got me into programming but I’ve fallen in love with code ever since. A little about me: I will graduate from Northeastern University with a Bachelors in Computer Science in the Spring of 2020. I currently have almost 2 years of professional software development experience and several years of hobbyist tinkering. I prefer backend “south of the api” software engineering but I do have experience as a front end developer. Most all of my personal projects are in C#, but my professional toolbox includes Scala, C++, Python, SQL and I have more limited exposure to many more languages and frameworks.

If you’re looking for a software developer who writes code in their freetime and is constantly experimenting with new technologies and projects please consider my LinkedIn and Github pages. Be aware that I am social media adverse, and only update my LinkedIn profile once or twice a year. If you’re curious about what I’m currently working on, or otherwise want to talk please contact me directly via email at

For those looking for Arthur Bacon the game designer...

Game design is a passion of mine, not a profession. The small tools, assets and code that I create or curate are all open source and available to use in your own commercial projects. It’s not my plan to get a job in the game design industry, but then again plans can change.

If you have an idea, I love listening to new projects or game pitches. If you are a game design company who’s looking for a programmer, I’d love to talk. Contact me at

What is a "Nocab"?

The term “nocab” is just “bacon” spelled backwards. It’s pronounced No Cab (like if there weren't any taxis around). The word services a few purposes: